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Money Saving Plans For Placing International Calls From Cell Phones

Want to make cheap international calls from your cell phone? We have solutions!

Cell phone international rates are typically astronomical. Due to the vast range of tariffs and different savings options associated with mobile phone plans, most people are unaware of their own pricing plans and thus wind up paying much higher rates than necessary for their overseas calls. Using portable dial-around service (from the U.S.) or international callback (from outside of the U.S.) allows cell phone users to make cheap international calls at traditionally lower fixed voice plan rates or even better. The savings can often be as high as 90%!


Do you ever wish that you could make your international calls from your cell phone without paying those astronomical rates charged by your wireless provider?

Most cell phone companies do not allow you to make international calls and if they do the rates are simply outrageous. With TEL3Advantage’s amazing new Flex Plan, all you have to do is register your cell phone number and then you can make all the international calls you want at the lowest rates.

Lowest international rates with over 200 countries less than 10¢ per minute

Rates start as low as 1.9¢ a minute and you can make calls to over 200 countries for less than a 10¢ a minute (Local Access). The rates are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No Hidden Fees or Taxes!

With Tel3Advantage Prepaid Service there are absolutely no activation fees, monthly charges, taxes or fees of any kind. Not only that, you'll have access to the following online account management features 24 hours a day:

» View Monthly Bills
» View Credit Card Charges
» Change PIN
» Exclusive Offers
» Speed Dial Maintenance
» Quick PIN Number Maintenance
» View Call Logs
» Review Your Account Balance
» Change Credit Card

Not just for cell phones ... works from any phone

TEL3Advantage is a prepaid "dial-around" long distance service. This means that you can access it from any phone, home, cell, work or even a payphone without the hassle of switching providers or changing your current service.

You can register your cell phone, either at sign up, or later through your “Customer Login,” and make PIN-Free calls just like you would from your wireless service. You no longer have to run home or buy phone cards when you need to make a long distance call. At your option, you can even opt for "automatic recharge" so that you'll never run out of minutes in the middle of a call.

Just dial into Tel3Advantage's toll-free 800 access number (or use your free nights and weekend minutes to save an extra 1¢ per minute by accessing the system through one of Tel3 Advantage's many local access numbers) and you will be able to make all the international calls you want.

TEL3Advantage Prepaid Long Distance has many unique features and actually allows you to make simultaneous calls without hanging up the phone. When a call does not go through the first time, press ## to end the call and then *# to redial the same number through a different carrier. You can try 5 different carriers for no additional cost in case there is ever a problem getting through.

Start Saving Today - Click Here for Tel3Advantage Sign Up Information

International calling savings for mobile phone users around the world!

International Callback Service is often an excellent option for those who need to place international calls from wireless phones (or any other phones) when outside of the U.S.A. Click here for details!

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