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No Contract "Pay as You Go" Cell Phone Plans Available to USA Residents
Until recently, you had just two choices for cell phone service:
  1. Postpaid Cell Phone Service - Offering the best selection of cell phones, rates and features, postpaid service was (and still is) best for those who have good credit and don't mind signing a contract of one, two or three years in length.

  2. Prepaid Cell Phone Service - If you had a less than perfect credit rating or didn't want to be forced into signing a long-term contract, prepaid cell phone service (involving the purchase of prepaid cards) was your only other option.

Now there is a new solution and it's called "No Contract" Cell Phone Service!

Prepaid Cell Phone Service vs. No Contract Pay As You Go Cell Phone Service - What's The Difference?

"Prepaid Cell Phone Service" is a traditional prepaid service, using refill cards or other methods to replenish your account and typically (though not always) has a relatively high fee structure.

On the other hand...

"No Contract Pay As You Go Cell Phone Service" offers very competitive pricing/per minute rates (as well as free nights and weekends on selected plans) with monthly fees paid in advance via convenient, automatic monthly deductions from a credit card, debit card or checking account.

The following "No Contract" Cell Phone Services have been created to allow you to enjoy cell phone service with all of the benefits and features of regular postpaid cell phone service but with NO contracts and NO credit checks!


AT&T GoPhone No Contract Service

With AT&T GoPhone "Pick Your Plan" service, you establish monthly automatic payments for service and use the balance on your account for voice minutes or other features. No long term contract and no credit check. There are no roaming or long distance fees across AT&T's national service area. Rollover® Balance™ lets you carry over unused funds from month to month. You can even get Unlimited Nights and Weekends and Free Mobile to Mobile calling on select plans.

Jitterbug cell phones were created for people who prefer a simple, easy-to-use cell phone, a friendly, helpful service experience, and affordable plans with no monthly contracts and no cancellation fees. Live, friendly Jitterbug operators are available 24 hours a day to help with directory assistance, account changes, retrieving voice mail, connecting calls and more. Just dial “0” for the operator on your Jitterbug cell phone. Jitterbug handsets have nice loud speakers, ear pads, large buttons and a straighforward interface - making Jitterbug an ideal cell phone for Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa!

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