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Japan Cell Phone

Featuring low Japan domestic and international rates, free incoming calls, no recurring monthly charges and with wireless coverage of over 99% of the entire Japanese population, Vodafone's prepaid Japan cell phone service makes it easy for travelers in Japan to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and business associates without paying exorbitant roaming charges or high cell phone rental fees. Domestic calls inside Japan are ¥100 per minute (approximately US $0.85) and international calls to the USA Mainland and Canada are ¥90 per minute peak and ¥54 off-peak (approximately US $0.75 and $0.45 respectively).

Product Name
Vodafone (formerly J-Phone)
Initial Airtime
3,000 Yen
Japan Domestic Rates
100 Yen
International Rate to USA Mainland
90 Yen (Peak) / 54 Yen (Off-Peak)
US $0.34 with UWT Callback Service
International Rate to Other Countries
Details at Website
Currency Exchange Rate
Free Incoming Calls?
Why is this important?
US $299 or US $399
(depending upon phone model chosen)
Mention promo code ALLWORLD and get $10 off your order.
Shipping Rates
Get Started
With Vodafone Japan Cell Phone Service, all incoming calls are free. Having free incoming calls makes it possible for you to enjoy even lower international rates when calling from Japan by using international callback service.
Above prices, rates and other details are subject to change. Current and complete product information is always available from Telestial or Cellular Abroad by clicking on the "Get Started" button. Current UWT Callback Service rates are always available at the UWT Callback Service website. is not responsible for typos, misinformation, change of service or menu prompts, lack of coverage or other possibilities that result in a lack of service or otherwise result in not being able to make or receive calls.

Did you know that most people outside of the United States use pay-as-you-go cell phone service?

There's a good reason for this! With prepaid international cell phone service, you make all of your cell phone calls on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contracts and with no big bills to surprise you when you come home. By using prepaid Japan cell phone service, you can benefit from the same cell phone rates that are enjoyed by the locals while steering clear of the high international roaming charges that you would have to pay if you use your U.S. cell phone carrier (or marked-up rates of $2/minute and up that cell phone rental places at airports and car rental shops charge).

Free Incoming Minutes + International Callback Service - The HIDDEN Advantage!

When you use a cell phone service that gives you free incoming calls, you can phone home for even less than the listed international rate by using a lower cost International Callback Service to make your calls. Because of the method used to place calls with international callback service, your outgoing call is perceived as an incoming call by the cell phone service. Therefore, you only pay the callback service per minute charge (usually MUCH LOWER) while avoiding any airtime charges from the cell phone provider.

Although there are several callback service providers out there, based upon feedback from our customers...

We recommend UWT Callback Service as the callback service with the best combination of low rates and high quality customer support.

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