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Multi-Country SIM Cards for Travelers

The best international cell phone rates are typically available with Country-Specific SIM cards. Nevertheless, there are situations where a Multi-Country SIM card can be quite advantageous.

Example 1: You need to make cell phone calls from several different countries.
Multi-Country SIM cards are very convenient in such instances.

Example 2: You want or need to have just one telephone number that people can use to reach you no matter where you travel.
Multi-Country SIM cards are ideal for this purpose.

Example 3: Your itinerary calls for you to stay in one country for a significant amount of time while also occasionally spending time in other countries.
In this situation, it can be sensible to get both a country-specific SIM card (so that you can enjoy the lowest possible rates in the country where you will spend the majority of your time) and to also get a multi-country SIM card for use in the other countries you'll visit.

We believe that all three Multi-Country Prepaid SIM cards listed below offer offer outstanding value.

Talk Abroad Prepaid SIM Card - Works in about 100 countries.  Mention promo code "ALLWORLD"  and receive $10 off your order. Click Here for Details.

The Talk Abroad SIM Card allows you to roam in over 100 countries worldwide, including all of Europe and most of the world's popular travel destinations, while retaining one phone number. Incoming calls are FREE in many countries (including most of Europe). The Talk Abroad Prepaid International SIM card is a truly great option for travel to multiple countries.

Mention promo code ALLWORLD to receive a $10 discount.

Global Riiing Prepaid SIM  Cards  can be used in over 100 countries. Incoming calls are FREE in much of Europe. Click for Details.
Among many other advantages, the Global Riiing Prepaid SIM card offers FREE incoming calls throughout most of Europe and very reasonable outgoing call rates. For international travel involving multi-county, short duration trips, the Global Riiing SIM card (coupled with an unlocked international GSM cell phone) offers great convenience and, since the service is prepaid so there is no need for a contract.
Mobal World Roaming Prepaid SIM Card. Works in over 140 countries. Click for Details.
Although the Mobal World Roaming SIM Card is not as economical for voice calls as country-specific SIM cards (or even the Talk Abroad and Global Riiing prepaid SIM cards), it does have several advantageous features. Once activated the Mobal SIM is always on and available for use and it never expires. Another advantage of Mobal is that it functions in over 160 countries! Additionally, Mobal gives you the ability to establish an internet connection in over 50 international locations around the world so that you can send and receive e-mail and surf the web.

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